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ELSEWAYS MEDIA is a home for new music and those who make it.


The creative endeavors shared here are borne out of a spirit of impassioned,

meaningful engagement between composers, performers, and listeners.

Here you will find music which embraces the journey

of synthesizing refined craft with individual narrative;

not “products” but projects of committed technique and expression. 

Works that celebrate the stories of collaboration and creativity
forged by
our artis

The music here is handmade, methodical, intentional, and unique
–no matter the format.
It’s not “content," it’s art. 

Everywhere you look across today's culture seems to lead to a

relentless, indifferent saturation of brands, data–stuff just for 'clicks'. 

Look ELSEWAYS and find something special.



/ Philosophy /

ELSEWAYS MEDIA represents a small (but growing) group of composers, the musical works created by those composers, and a means of professional advocacy for those works, in a manner ardently & authentically committed to their author's collective values.

The word elseways means "otherwise; in an alternative manner or direction". It's not a common word nowadays, which is why it suits the name of this group and their shared enterprise. 

Despite the stylistic variety of the artists who share their work here, they unite within a spirit of common principles exhibited in the way they share their creative ideas with the world: through intimate, humane connections with collaborators and listeners. 

Their digital livelihoods reflect this: the ELSEWAYS social media footprint is small. To the extent that the artists have chosen to forego an ever-common ubiquity across multiple online platforms (and perhaps sacrifice potential cultural caché as a result) they instead invest in the hope of more direct, personal connection with those curious about their music. The energy of that investment is focused here, at this website, and reported on regularly in the ELSEWAYS newsletter (subscribe below.)

The mission of ELSEWAYS MEDIA,

stated simply:


to create and offer
well-crafted new music,
and foster both new
and ongoing relationships
those interested in it.



/ FAQs /

A.   ELSEWAYS MEDIA is a home for new music and those who make it. It represents a small (but growing) group of composers, the works created by those composers, and a means of professional advocacy for those works, in a manner ardently & authentically committed to their author's collective values. (See above for more...)


Q.  Who are the artists involved in ELSEWAYS MEDIA?
A.   ELSEWAYS MEDIA was founded in 2023 by composer Sean Doyle. The group of founding artists includes Douglas Buchanan, Paul Coleman, Natalie Draper, and Alan Hankers. Visit the Artist page for more info.


Q.  How do I engage or participate with ELSEWAYS MEDIA?
A.   We encourage you first and foremost to listen to the works published here - you can peruse these works on our Sheet Music page. Feel free to share your thoughts with us via the Contact page
We also invite you to subscribe to our newsletter (click, or scroll down). 


Q.  How and/or where do I purchase an ELSEWAYS MEDIA score publication?
A.   Scores available in the ELSEWAYS MEDIA catalog of works will be available for purchase (PDF and print editions) in May 2024. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive announcement of the online store going live.


Q.  How do I commission an ELSEWAYS artist, or program a work published by ELSEWAYS?
A.   We invite you to use the Contact page here to inquire; also, each composer's personal website is listed on the Artist page, if you prefer to communicate with them directly. (Don't be shy - reach out!)


Q.  Can I license ELSEWAYS MEDIA music for use in my film/tv/podcast/&c.?
A.   Some ELSEWAYS works are available for licensing. Use the Contact page to inquire about availability and to initiate a conversation about licensing rates and terms.
Also, know that a few of our artists compose for media; contact us for more info. (Please be specific about your project and timeline in your initial message.)

Q.  Is ELSEWAYS on social media? I can't find you on <insert platform name here>...
A.   An important part of the ELSEWAYS MEDIA ethos is to share our work in a way that authentically honors our values as creators. Those values aren't always best articulated in the realm of social media, so we maintain a small social media footprint. All of the things we share publicly (scores, recordings, composer information, updates, &c.) are housed here on this website, and reported on frequently in our newsletter. 

We currently have a presence on Facebook (, Instagram (@elsewaysmedia) and our video content is currently hosted on YouTube.  

Q.  Does ELSEWAYS MEDIA accept submissions for publication?
A.   We do not, at present, accept unsolicited submissions of work. Our enterprise is limited to the work of the founding artists of ELSEWAYS, which is by invitation.
However: if the art encountered here is particularly inspiring or exciting to you, or you have thoughts to share about it, please reach out to us via the Contact page. We are interested in hearing what you have to say!

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